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Wudalianchi (Five Big Linking Lakes) is situated in the northern part of Dedu County, Heilongjiang Province, to the western foot of Xiao Xinanling Ridge and on the upper reach of Bai River, branch of the Nemoer River. It has five lakes with one wave reflecting the other, one lake linking the other, meandering forward. People call it Wudalianchi, a famous scenic spot of the nation.

Group Volcanoes: Surrounding the Wudalianchi there spot scores of volcanoes, rising sheer from level ground, layer upon layer and range upon range, a grand and magnificent scene. In the long geologic age, a series of long, consecutive and intricate geological functions formed 11 "shield shape volcanoes", 14 "compound volcanoes" and large scale lava.

Group Mineral Springs of Medicine: The more interesting thing in the Wudalianchi is that one can drink to his heart's content the mineral water, which is called generally "mineral water of heavy carbonate". It contains more than ten elements beneficial to health, which have certain curative effect for stomach trouble, iron deficiency anemia, chronic cholecystitis, neurasthenia, skin disease, and high blood pressure, focuses etc.

Wudalianchi mineral spring consists of North Spring, South Spring, New South Spring, South Bathing Spring and Fanhua (Seething Waves) Spring, which are scattered on the area of Yaoquanshan (Mountain of Medical Spring). North Spring, South Spring and New South Spring are drinkable while South Bathing Spring and Fanhua Spring are bathing ones.

Heilongshan (Black Dragon Mountain) is one of the youngest volcanoes in Wudalianchi. On the south slope of it, there are two limestone caves; Water Screen Cave and Fairy Palace (cave). During monsoon season, the Water Screen Cave can form and Fairy Palace (cave). During monsoon season, the Water Screen Cave can form a screen of drizzling water, inside which there is coolness and quietness. The depth of the Fairy Palace is of tens of meters, crooked and winding, the bottom of which is covered with hard ice all year round, nip in the air, mysterious and unfathomable. On the north slope of Heilongshan, there is a broad valley which was the place the scorching hot lava flowed through in those years. The dense forest of pine and white birch trees grows in the valley casting thick shadows all around, with birds chirping. Besides, there are reddish brown volcano conglomerate and ashes, but green moss and lichen grow luxuriantly. The long cane twines round twines round trees large air smells moist and fresh with valley spreading forth vitality.


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