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Yunnan Province lies in the southwest of China and borders on Burma, Laos and Vietnam to the south. Yunnan has one third of its population of national minorities. Many nationalities still practice old customs, such as Water-Splashing Festival, Torch Festival and Moon Market. Its capital city is Kunming - known as city of Spring. It is blessed with the best weather because of its altitude of 1894 meters and its subtropical location. Surrounded by mountains, Kunming is one of the most important tourist destinations in China. Tourist spots in Yunnan include the beautiful landscape in Dali, the exotic scenery in Xishaungbanna , the Stone Forest and Dianchi Lake.

A mysterious, beautiful and fertile land, Yunnan abounds in natural resources which make it known as the "Kingdom of Fauna and Flora", the "Kingdom of Medicine Herbs", the "Kingdom of Spices", and the "Kingdom of Non-ferrous metals". The gorgeous and spectacular mountains and streams, forests, caves, rivers and lakes attract thousands of tourists home and abroad every year. People also show interest in the areas once inhabited by primitive people, fossils of dinosaurs, relics of modern times and the colorful ethnic diversity among the 25 minority groups with distinct characteristics. The scenic spots like Stone Forest in Lunan County, Dali, Xishuangbanna, the three great rivers running in parallel, Dianchi Lake of Kunming, and Yulong mountain in Lijiang are already famous world wide. In addition, Yunnan has established, above the county level, 100 natural reserves and 22 national and provincial forest parks which also attract lots of eyes.

Recommended Scenic Spots

Lake Dian

The shoreline of Lake Dian, to the south of Kunming, is dotted with settlements, farms and fishing enterprises; the western side is hilly, while the eastern side is flat country. The southern end of the lake, particularly the southeast, is industrial, but other than that there are lots of possibilities for extended touring.  

The lake is an elongated one - about 150km in circumference, about 40km from north to south, and covering 300 square kilometres. Plying the waters are fanchuan, pirate-sized junks with bamboo-battened canvas sails. It's mainly an area for scenic touring and hiking, and there are some fabulous aerial views from the ridges up at Dragon Gate in the Western Hills.

Yu Long Snowy Mountain

The Yulong (Jade Dragon in Chinese) Mountain rises spectacularly 5,596 meters above sea level and is the highest peak on the southern bank of Yangtze river. The sceneries here are fascinating with glaciers, snowfields, waterfalls, forests and grassy marshlands. Facing the Yulong Mountains are the snow-covered Haba Mountains. The Jinsha River roars between the two mountain ranges. The Naxi people living in the mountains still use hieroglyphic writing and wear sheepskin capes. The State Council of China named it one of the national scenic resorts in 1998. Ganhaizi, at the foot of the Yulong Mountain, is an ideal place to watch the sun rise over the glacier. Another place you'll never miss is Yunshanping, a grassy marshland, green in spring and summer and snow-covered in autumn and winter. In Naxi legend, it is called the "Third State of the Jade Dragon" and the "Garden of Eternal Love." Climbing Mountain Yulong will be very challenging and up to now, no one has reached mountain top because of the difficulty caused by steepness, snow and ice. But two cableways for skiers are currently under construction and it'll be no longer a dream for those who want to take a look on mountaintop.


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