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The province of Jiangxi has a long history and lots of places of interest. The city of Nanchang is the revolutionary center, and now the capital city of Jiangxi Province. Jingdezhen is famed as China's porcelain capital. Most of the region is mountainous areas, among those mountains there are Lu Shan, Jinggang Shan, Longhu Shan (Mountain of Dragon and Tiger) and Sanqing Shan, etc. Tengwang Pavilion is one of the three famous pavilions in southeast China. Wang Bo, a famous poet in ancient Tang dynasty, wrote a famous poem "Prelude to Tengwang Pavilion" which makes it national famous. There are over 400 scenic and historic sites in Jiangxi altogether.

The province of Jiangxi stretched between the Yangzi river in the north and a mountainous border in the south. Jiangxi covers an area of 170 thousand square kilos and has a population of 41 million. Its capital city is Nanchang, a revolutionary city and center of new industry. Poyang Hu is China's largest freshwater lake and around it, there is a great Poyang Hu plain used for farmlands.

Jingdezhen is famous as China's porcelain city. It was producing pottery at least two thousand years ago. It was highly regarded -- "as white as jade, as thin as paper, as bright as a mirror, as tuneful as a bell". Tengwang pavilion is another highlight in that region. A poem by the famous Tang poet, Wang Bo made the pavilion well known in China. There have been 26 multi-storeyed towers built on this site since the first was raised over a thousand years ago in memory of a Tang prince. After it was destroyed, the local government built the current "Song-style" building in 1980's.

Jiangxi has abundant natural and water resources. It has the second largest forest coverage in China and it's also endowed for bamboo. Minerals such as gold, copper and silver have also been discovered in that area.

Recommended Scenic Spots


Lushan, or Kuling, as it was called in English, was established as a mountain resort town by European and American settlers late last century as an escape from lowland China's sweaty summers.  

They left a fascinating hotchpotch of colonial buildings, from quaint stone cottages reminiscent of southern Germany to small French-style churches and more grandiose hotels built in classical Victorian style.  

Despite this, Lushan is not a particularly attractive proposition as a travel destination. For much of the year it is bitterly cold and shrouded in heavy fog, and then for the summer season, which sees it at its best, it is inundated with tourists from all over the country.  

For the Chinese, however, Lushan is rich with significance. Its mountain vistas have been the subject of poems and paintings, and on the historical front it has been the site of some epoch-making events.  

China's post-1949 revolutionaries found Lushan's cool uplands a good place for Party conferences.


The remote Jinggangshan region, in the Luoxiao mountains along the Hunan-Jiangxi border, played a crucial role in the early Communist movement.  

After suffering a string of defeats in an urban-based revolution in the cities, Mao led a core of 900 men into the refuge of these misty hills in 1927. They were soon joined by other companies of the battered Communist Army led by Zhu De, and from here began the Long March.


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