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Hainan Island, China's latest established province, lies on the same latitude as Hawaii, with a great climate and charming pace of life. This is a rich and prosperous province and the area now enjoys fame as one of China's most popular tourism destinations.

Hainan was administered by the government of Guangdong Province until 1988, when it became Hainan Province. Hainan Island is known locally as "Oriental Hawaii" with spectacular scenery including tropical beaches, lush coconut groves, peaceful islands and dense forest. The coastal line here extends over 1580 Km, and 60% of this consists of fine and clean sandy beaches. The sea here, especially in the south of the island is wonderfully blue, and the temperatures are perfect for swimming. The coast is dotted with palm trees, providing shelter from the heat of the sun.

Hainan is an ideal place for all year swimming and bathing. The island also provides winter refuge from the cold, and is a great summer resort. Between September and April are the most popular seasons to visit and in the coolest months of December and January it is very pleasant too, when the air is fresh and temperatures less extreme than in the summer months.

1.2 million of the seven million residents here are from one of 37 minority nationalities who inhabit the island. The two major minority groups here are the Miao and the Li.

Recommended Scenic Spots

Yalongwan Gulf

Located 25 kilometers east of Sanya city, the beach, which extends for 7 km along the blue seawater, with green palm trees and hills behind, is regarded as the best beach in Hainan province. People can get there by taking a taxi from the center of the town.

Enjoying the same latitude and similar weather conditions as Hawaii, the beach in recent year is of more and more attraction. The water is clear, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds in it. Playing and pursuing in the water with the tropical fish swimming around, simmers can fully relax themselves. Now, a new resort, with tasteful manner, is under construction. In order to protect the marine resource and environment, commercial fishing is forbidden here.

There are many shops, restaurants, and hotels, including Gloria Resort and Cactus Resort, the best hotels in Hainan Island, providing the necessary service for you. And a museum, with a large collection of seashells, is near the beach.

After playing in the sea, you can also have a mountain climbing, golf playing, hiking, and submarine cruises here. A nice trip from the bay is to Wild Boar Island: You can go to the island by taking a boat from the bay.

Since prices for this vary, so be attention to ask around at your hotel or in the restaurants on the bay.

Tianya Haijiao

Located at the foot of Xiama Hill in the town of Tianya, 24 km west of Sanya, Tianya Haijiao (which means End of the Earth and Corner of the Sea) with its irresistible witchery, in recent years, attracts countless tourists all over the world.

There are numerous rocks, with different size and shape, scatter along the silvery beach. Among them, these two, that are respectively engraved with Chinese characters "Tianya Haijiao" and "Nantian Yizhu" (the huge rock that emerges from the sea, making a "corner") are most famous.

According to legend, two lovers form two hostile clans once escape here. They swore that they would never separate no matter where they traveled and what happened. Constantly pursued by troops from both clans, they were forced to leap into the sea from this spot. People believe that this couple later changed to two huge rocks, which stand facing the sea. Moved by the loyal love between the two lovers, today many couples come here to declare their love and promise that they would go to the "end of the earth" for one another.

Despite the name, here is not really the end of the earth and the corner of the sea. During the long feudal society in history, this place served as the penal colony of the criminals. In the Song dynasty, some officials were banished here for criticizing the government. For them, the unfrequented wilderness must have been felt the real "end of the earth".

Near the beach, there is also Pearl Farm where you can purchase Hainan's famous seawater pearls.


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