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Guilin Economy


Tourism and agriculture constitute the mainstay of Guilin's economy.

Tourism is the main engine responsible for driving Guilin's economic growth. In 1999, Guilin's tourism industry took in 3.66 billion-yuan (but how much of Guilin's economy tourism accounted for last year is currently unavailable because statistics on Guilin's GDP for 1999 have yet to be released). The recent improvement of Guilin's modern industrial capacity has also contributed to the city's prosperity.

The ground of Guilin mainly is red soil. It is good for planting crops in arid land and growing fruits and trees. The suburbs are sandy soil and paddy fields. And it is good for growing vegetables and grains.

In industry, there is machinery, textile, chemistry, cement and pharmacy, etc. The handicraft is developed too. There are iron equipment, waving, writing brush and so on. Its new economic advantage is the modern industry featured by high technology and the tertiary industry characterized by tourism trading and service. In 1998, the GDP of the city amounted to 29.142 billion yuan, and the fixed capital in vestment was 6.366 billion yuan. The gross production of grain went up 50 2.183 million tons, meat 640 thousand tons, and aquatic products 71.9 thousand tons. The gross production of agriculture totaled 16.523 billion yuan, and that of industry was 35.43 billion yuan. The income of tourism was 3.193 billion yuan.


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