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Chinese Steelyard-- Gancheng
The steelyard is a Chinese invention. As early as 200 B. C., China began to make a scale of this type big enough to weigh several hundred pounds. The steelyard consisted of the following parts: an arm, a hook, lifting cords and a weight.

The abacus was a great invention in ancient China and has been called by some Western writers "the earliest calculating machine in the world."

Chinese Furniture
Chinese traditional furniture has a strong aesthetic appeal due to its apparently simple lines and the fact that it makes use of "natural materials" such as the finest hardwoods-no fusty stuffed couches here. Ready comparisons can be made to Danish furniture, with its sparse lines.

Life after Horseback
Horse, which were once so crucial to Mongolian's life are gradually disappearing from the daily lives of this nomadic ethnic group.

Chinese Manners in Daily Life
China is known as a state of etiquette and ceremonies. Many proverbs have been passed down from generation to generation such as 'civility costs nothing' or 'courtesy demands reciprocity' and so on. For instance, there is an interesting short story.

Chinese Banquet Etiquette
It is fair to say that the number one pastime in China is eating. Although your Chinese host will not expect you to know everything about proper banquet behavior, he will greatly appreciate it when you are displaying some knowledge of the subject, because it shows that you have respect for Chinese culture, etiquette and traditions.

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