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Best practices for trademark protection in China
The role of a trademark owner’s proactive initiative and other fundamental considerations for effective IP protection in China

A Primer on Drafting Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Contracts in China

Disadvantages of doing Business in China
My more than 10 yrs experience in import & export with china has taught me that the main disadvantages of doing business in china are related to the language, the meaning of a customer and the meaning of quality.

Why expand your business to China?
China is quickly transforming into a mass consumer market. Some say it is even going to overtake the USA. When is another question, but what we sure know is that it will. It has never been a better time to expand than now…

Trading company vs Direct Sourcing in China
China is the future for any manufacturer or service provider. That is no secret. So do you buy directly, do you buy thru a trader, a broker, an exporter??? Do you source yourself and then involve someone there?

Outsourcing in China is the future
China is rapidly emerging as one of the world’s leading suppliers of offshore software outsourcing
services. A research note published by Gartner says that companies should plan their offshore
outsourcing strategies to take advantage of China’s emerging strength as an outsourcing center.

OEM Agreements in China
Needless to say, China has become the world’s leading manufacturing base. However, with the recent product safety scares and the constant media attention, “Made in China” has become a high-profile issue for consumers and retailers. So how does a foreign company minimize the risks of tainted/substandard products manufactured in China? In this article, we discuss contract terms which foreign companies should consider when entering into OEM relationships with Chinese suppliers. (While we highlight some of what we feel are the main issues to be covered by the agreement, we recognize that each case is unique and there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ OEM arrangement.)

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