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Selecting the Right Local Distribution Partners in China

By Desmond Wong

One of the fastest and less risky ways to enter the China market is to leverage on Chinese distributors to sell your products in China. However, your market success will be highly dependent on the distributor to do the right things in right way.


Therefore the first step is to select the right distribution partner who can support your market entry to China. Sourcing for potential distributors can be done in various means. Firstly, through recommendations from another firm already established in China, trade shows in China, established matching websites or lastly through Chinese market research consulting firms.


In the past, foreign firms can appoint Hong Kong distributors to act as their distributors in China. Furthermore, payment may be easier to transfer out of Hong Kong, but with China being more open, there is more incentive to go straight into China then to Hong Kong.


It is important to note that most distributors do not have nationwide distribution coverage but rather on a regional basis with Bohai Gulf, Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta as the commercial regional centres. For instance, Bohai Gulf - cover the cities of Beijing, Tianjin and the provinces of Liaoning, Shandong and Hebei.


You can use the following factors as a reference for a good distributor:


1. A strong and stable financial background

2. Quality sales staffs / English speaking staffs

3. Shows enthusiasm for your products

4. Strong relationship with an import/export agency

5. Right business direction for its distributorship

6. Appropriate storage of your products


In your visit to China to meet the potential distributors, you may wish to check out the kind and the number of distribution points or outlets it covers, their marketing abilities and their after sales service support. You may consider having a different distributor covering each region with different marketing strategies involving pricing and marketing channels.

It is of most importance that the distribution contract is detailed and understood due to a lack Chinese law in relation to supplier and distributor partnership. Contracts signed in China are often in Chinese. It is safer to have a qualified law firm review any translated documents or even English ones especially with contracts. Contract should have the following:


1. Guard against exclusivity

2. Agreement on the volume targets

3. Goods exchange and payment terms


4. Escape clauses based on performance reviews

5. Cover intellectual protection



About the Author:

Desmond Wong is a consultant of Starmass International. Starmass provides full professional consulting services to assist overseas companies in China market research, competitor study and China market analysis till export to China


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