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Import from China: Getting Started
Do you want to import from China? Since most big retailers are now sourcing from China, smaller wholesalers and retailers typically wonder whether they should do the same, but are often put off by the complexities of getting started. Like all businesses processes, the process of importing from China has a lot of steps, each of which has its own complexities. For folks new to importing, these steps can seem overwhelming. But there are real business benefits to learning how to import - building import knowledge and expertise gives you access to a broader range of products at a broader range of prices than your competitors, giving you more product options to compete with.

Selecting the Right Local Distribution Partners in China
One of the fastest and less risky ways to enter the China market is to leverage on Chinese distributors to sell your products in China. However, your market success will be highly dependent on the distributor to do the right things in right way.

Importing from China – Managing your Risks
China is still a growing market and capable of providing you quality suppliers. There are many ways to minimize your risk, and I shall share some of the more fundamental ones below.

Terminating Employees in China: Some Practical Considerations
Due to increasing market pressures and other situation-specific factors, employers are often required to terminate employees in China. This article briefly outlines some of the issues that must be addressed by employers before and after employee termination, including matters to consider during the hiring of prospective employees, from the perspective of the employer.

Establishing a Foreign-Owned Restaurant Business in Beijing
Outline the various procedures required to establish a restaurant in Beijing.

Do you konw what kind of companies can be setted up in China?
There are three different business incorporation vehicles which can be utilised to do business in China.

How to export to China

Analysis of the success and failure of doing business in China

5 tips to invest and do business in China

The importance of Guangxi (relationship) when doing business in China

How to do business in China

Business Culture
Business Culture.

Addressing Chinese
Chinese names appear in a different order than Western names. Each person has, in this order, a family or generational name and a first name.

Handshaking is the accepted greeting. Chinese usually shake hands very lightly instead of taking the hand firmly and forcefully pumping it, and in China a handshake may last as long as 10 seconds.

You'll find it beneficial to bring your own interpreter, if possible, to help you understand the subtleties of everything being said during meetings.

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