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Tips on Avoiding Representative Office Set Up Problems in China
A Chinese Representative Office (RO) may be the easiest and the cheapest way to establish your firm’s presence in China. However there are some traps which you should be aware of before and after the RO’s set up.

Tips to set up a representative office in China
After your first study visit to China, you may realize that doing business in China requires a local presence of your firm to facilitate business communications, or you may wish to further assess a better understanding of the size and potential of the China market before investing committed resources.

Tips to Prepare for Your Chinese Negotiation
You are set to enter the Chinese market, are done with your market research and now is the time to meet your potential Chinese business partners. However, before meeting them, you should familiarize yourself with some negotiation tactics and knowledge to secure yourself a higher chance of success.

The way to import Housewares from China
In this article, The way to import Housewares from China , I will give you an outline of how and where to source for these products in china and what are the things you should be looking for in order to avoid common pitfalls.

Five Rules for Doing Business in China
It was my intention to just mention Five rules for doing business in China, but then I realised that there are in fact no set rules for doing business in china.

Business Travel in China
China is a large business tour destination.

Chinese Cultural Values and Their Implications in Business
Chinese business networks are sustained by Chinese cultural values and tradition. When these values disappear, the networks will collapse. The following values have been identified as the key Chinese cultural values.

Market Entry Options for Foreign Firms
Market Entry Options for Foreign Firms

Recommendations for Western Firms While Operating in China
While an increasing number of western companies have entered the Chinese market, they are way behind firms from Hong Kong Taiwan and southeast Asian countries. The simple reason is that overseas Chinese share the common Chinese cultural values and they can either minimise or avoid problems by using their skills in understanding the Chinese cultural codes, In order to reduce these disadvantages, western firms are advised to pay attention to the following while operating in China.

Business Networks in China: Guanxi and Guanxiwang
One can often hear the word guanxi in any Chinese community, whether it is mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan, though there may be some slight differences in pronunciation as a result of the distinctive Chinese dialects.

Business Etiquette in China
Business Etiquette in China

Trade and Business Opportunities in China
There are a multitude of trade and investment opportunities for exporters in the China market. Some of the major sectors currently experiencing rapid growth are: processed food and beverages, gambling, transport, IT and telecommunications, minerals and energy, environment protection, building construction products and services. Three of the major growth industries though are the exporting of education, processed food and wine products.

First Impressions: Choosing Your Chinese Name
Nothing is more important in leaving a good first impression in China than to have a well-chosen Chinese name.

Special Things to Consider in a Chinese Negotiating Context
Chinese people arrive on time for meetings and other occasions (and sometimes 5 or 10 minutes in advance). It is considered rude to arrive late for engagements of any kind. Travelling from one point to another in many Chinese cities can be extremely time-consuming due to traffic delays. Make sure you leave early enough to make it to your destination on time.

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