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Five Rules for Doing Business in China

By Manoj Shivnani

It was my intention to just mention Five rules for doing business in China, but then I realised that there are in fact no set rules for doing business in china.

There are in fact situations that you need to be prepared for. And that is what this article is all about, about what your mindset should be and what to expect in reality.

Ok, get your pen and notepad ready. Ready,…., here we go.

- Be prepared to change course from time to time.
- Be prepared to face some of the hardest and longest negotiations you’ve ever seen.
- Be prepared to always have an ace up your sleeve.
- Be prepared to have patience, a loooot of patience, ( even more than with your wife… ).
- Be prepared to tell white lies.
- Be prepared to make friends.
- Be prepared to give respect and receive respect.
- Be prepared to not believe anything they say.
- Be prepared to not judge them.
- Be prepared to acknowledge that in most cases they have a shortterm business outlook with you.
- Be prepared to know that in most cases they don’t know the value of a lifetime customer. No one has ever taught them.
- Be prepared to not try to change them. They are the way they are.
- Be prepared to have a plan B ready in case all fails.
- Be prepared to know that there will always be someone who buys cheaper than you.
- Be prepared to know that there will always be someone who buys more expensive than you.

Finally, be prepared to know that China is unique.

I hope this short outline was helpful as a start.

About the author:
The author is a China Business Expert, entrepreneur and self made businessman. He has been dealing with China for over 10 years now, both for his own import & wholesale business as well as for some of his customers where he acts as an intermediary and consultant in the supplyside purchasing cycle. You will find many more and free resources, articles, tips and suggestions other than why epand your business to china in his site, www.freechinaadvice.com.


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