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A Brief Introduction About The Traditional Chinese Medical Science
Chinese Medicine, which complete name is the Traditional Chinese Medical Science, is the medical science of ancient Han Nation which another name is Huaxia.

Bianque, From A Divine Bird To A Distinguished Doctor
In the early days of the Warring-States Period, there was a great medical scientist, Qin Yueren. He was a highly skilled doctor, and was called "Bianque" by people.

The First Recorded Experiment of Anthropotomy
Wang Mang ordered imperial physicians, the ministers who kept instruments, and skillful butchers to anatomize the body of Wangsun Qing. They measured the internal organs, and introduced long thin bamboo strips into arteries and veins for researching the starting points and end points of arteries and veins. Wang Mang said these actions could be helpful for curing diseases.

The Theory of Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang are two of the basic terms of the traditional Chinese philosophy. The two terms are also used in the theory of the traditional Chinese medical science. Ancient Chinese often explained many things and phenomena in the world by the concepts of Yin and Yang.

Five Elements For Medical Science
In ancient Greece, there was a theory of four elements. The four elements include fire, water, earth and air. A Greek philosopher Anaximander developed this theory, and he thought that a kind of original substance formed the four elements. At the same time, in ancient China, there was a theory of five elements. The five elements include wood, fire, earth, metal and water.


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