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About China Window

Welcome to China Window! Thanks for taking the time to find out a little more about us.

Our mission is to be a premier brand name global China-themed portal by providing a large amount of information on China.

China Window was first created in 1994 and is the China-themed sites with the longest history. Pls visit Internet Archive to know our long history.

  • China Window offers a wealth of basic information about Chinese history, business, economics, tourism and culture.
  • At the core of China Window's strategy is its focus on attracting visitors by providing a variety of comprehensive and in-depth China information and offerings.
  • China Window was created to take advantage the Internet to ensure that it is effectively managing its customers and to continuously build upon customer loyalty. The Internet offers the ability to create a guide that is more complete, more personalized, more efficient than those made with all previous media, and a cost-effective way to streamline reservations, enhance communications between providers and customers, provide unsurpassed customer service.

China Window continues to evolve each day. It's the nature of the Internet. What is new now will be old tomorrow. Enjoy the richness of the Internet and discover how easy it is to find China information with China Window.

We welcome all comments and suggestions.

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