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Heilongjiang Province is situated in the northeast border area and is the coldest province in China. Heilongjiang has a vast territory, rich produce and long border lines. Scattered on its land are boundless forests, immense grasslands and rivers and lakes. The famous Heilongjiang River, the third largest river after Yangtse and Huanghe in China, flows through this province. It has clear----cut seasonal changes and a pleasant climate. Rich special tourism resources, Heilongjiang is known for its primitiveness, boldness, miraculousness and vastness.

Heilongjiang is China's northernmost Province and it borders on Russia both on sea and land. The provincial capital is Harbin, which has a 6-month long winter with the lowest temperature of minus 38 degrees. But winter time is brightened by the Ice Sculpture Festival and experiences of skating and skiing. Ice Sculpture festival is held every year from Jan. 5th to Feb. 25th. It attracts visitors all over the country to a magical land with ice pagodas, bridges, lanterns, human figures and palaces.

Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province, is an important city linking with Northeast Asia, Europe and the Pacific Ocean, a communications hub radiating to all tourist attractions in the province as well as a multi-functional tourism city featuring ice and snow, and heat--escaping tours. China's biggest bird sanctuary, the 210,000-hectare Zhalong Nature Preserve is 280 km away from Harbin. Its cranes, storks, swans, geese, herons are best seen from April to September. From Heihe, a town at the Russian border, you can make a day trip to Siberia. Heilongjiang also has China's biggest oil field, the Daqing.

Recommended Scenic Spots

Sun Island

Located to the north of the Songhua River main waterway, opposite downtown Harbin, Sun Island is the wonderful resort to escape from the heat of the summer. With the peace of rural charm, surrounded by blue water and white sand beach, the island has plenty of forests, grass and flowers. Here has the best outdoor bathing place in Harbin in which you'll enjoy the abundant sunlight and clear water of the Songhua River.

You can also rent a boat or bicycle from the entertainment centers to tour the island in an easy way. If you want to camp and enjoy the sunny island, there are cheap tents flung up on the southern shores of Sun Island. In winter, it is also an ideal place for various winter activities.

Yabuli Skiing

The Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest comprehensive Winter training and recreation center in China. It covers 2.255 hectares, and has a maximum height of 1374.8 meters. It has exceptional topographic features and is rich in high--quality snow. The wildlife of this area includes deer, bear, roe deer, pheasants fly dragon (a kind of bird) etc. Because of its favorable geographic and environmental situation and a suitable climate, Yabuli Ski Resort is destined to become famous as a multifunction center for tours , sports , leisure activities and scientific research .


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