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Why expand your business to China?

By Manoj Shivnani

Well its preety obvious isnt it????

China is quickly transforming into a mass consumer market. Some say it is even going to overtake the USA. When is another question, but what we sure know is that it will. It has never been a better time to expand than now…

Whether you have been in business for a long time or not, just ask this question to any “elder” business person you know, When is the best time to enter a market??? He will always tell you, when it is growing.

And China is growing now.!!!

The European as well as American markets are mature markets. They have already passed their “growing cycle” and willfor the next years, unless something dramatic happens in innovation, remain in a steady

Whether you are in a service or product related industry, now is the time to enter china.

If it is in a product industry, you got to realise and realise NOW, that the chinese market is changing from a developed to a consumer market. And it is turning fast. It is normal human nature that if suddenly you have more money to spend, then you want to spend it in the best. And what is the best??? Something made in Europe or the USA. That is the mentality in the chinese new middle and upper class.

Many say that the chinese economy is overheating. So what??? Take your place now, and when it slows down, it will slow down from a 8- 9% growth to a 4%. Even then, a 4% growth in a billion people country, is a lot!!!

If you are in a service industry, it is even better. Since the economy has been growing at such a fast pace, it is only logical to note that the qualty of the service type industries cannot possibly have grown at such a level of standard that we have in the west.

Remember, when the ball is rolling, you don’t want it to stop. Yes there are many couriers, logistic companies, restaurants, schools, hospitals,etc, but how many of them are up to western standards????

And imagine if you were to take your stand now???? Not only can you differentiate yourself and target that new rich consumer that is emerging, but when the market starts to slow down in the coming years, who do you think will stand out???? Since a service is an experince that you have had, as long as the experience you have given to the local chinese consumer ( who has never imagined the western standard of service), is as good as in the west, you are assured a good market share for the future.

So, what are you waiting for???? Do it, and do it NOW, don’t wait till you cant afford it, or till its too late.

About the author:
The author is a China Business Expert, entrepreneur and self made businessman. He has been dealing with China for over 10 years now, both for his own import & wholesale business as well as for some of his customers where he acts as an intermediary and consultant in the supplyside purchasing cycle. You will find many more and free resources, articles, tips and suggestions other than why epand your business to china in his site, www.freechinaadvice.com.


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