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State Council


The State Council, the Central People's Government, is the highest state administrative body. The State Council carries out the laws enacted and decisions adopted by the NPC and its Standing Committee. The State Council is responsible to the NPC and its Standing Committee, and reports to them on its work. The State Council exercises the following functions and powers: in accordance with the Constitution and statutes, formulates administrative measures, enacts administrative regulations, promulgates decisions and orders; exercises unified leadership over the work of the ministries and commissions and the work of other organizations under its jurisdiction; exercises unified leadership over the work of local state administrative bodies at different levels throughout the country; draws up and implements national economic and social development plans, and the state budget; directs and administers economic work, urban and rural development, and work in education, science, culture, public health, physical culture and family planning; directs and administers civil affairs, public security, judicial administration and supervision, as well as national defense construction; manages foreign affairs and concludes treaties and agreements with foreign states; and in accordance with the law, appoints, removes and trains administrative officers, appraises their work, and rewards or penalizes them. The State Council is composed of the premier, vice-premiers, state councillors, the heads of the various ministries and commissions, the auditor-general and the secretary-general. The organizational structure of the current State Council is as follows:


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